Most people that are passionate about poker avoid playing it online because they don’t get as much privacy as in a brick-and-mortar casino. Although this is understandable, it is no longer necessary to take precautions – out of all the cryptocurrencies available out there, there is one that will offer you the exact level of privacy that you need to enjoy your game, and it’s called Monero.

            Monero (or XMR) is a secure cryptocurrency that uses technology which makes transactions untraceable. This statement makes it obvious why more and more people are beginning to use it, but let’s see all the advantages that XMR has to offer – first of all, it allows you to have full control over your account and spendings, as people will never know how you’re using it. Its ring signature technology splits your transactions into smaller ones, which are mixed with others that have also been split, making it impossible for people to track your actions.           Second of all, it’s fungible, which means that it is interchangeable with other such assets – for instance, let’s assume that you have once invested money in playing online poker somewhere where it is illegal; if you have done it using Bitcoin, the transaction will always remain public, thus tainting your BTC. However, if you have done it using Monero, there will be no concept of tainting applicable, as the XMR history is unknown.

            It is also easy to use, especially if you’re accustomed to cryptocurrencies. Basically, all you have to do is purchase Monero from an exchange, similarly to the way you purchase Bitcoin. Then, you need to create an XMR wallet, something that you can do on Afterwards, it is necessary to pick a Monero poker website that is trustworthy, in order to have a pleasant experience. The top rated XMR poker room is on, but if you’re not allowed on the page, you still have other options to choose from, with one of the best being

            The reason why Monero poker is on the rise is that all the aspects of such a crypto transaction are superior to the ones made using fiat money. XMR payments involve much lower fees than, for example, bank transfers. They also take significantly less time to complete and they’re all anonymous, so regardless of the amount of money you choose to invest in your games, you can rest assured that you’ll be the only one to know about it.

            However, if you win or deposit a large sum of money, make sure that you have a web wallet that you trust. After all, the Monero experience in terms of poker is one that could change your outlook on both the game and your profits, so make sure that you aren’t superficial in taking the necessary steps. Read about it online, gather knowledge that could help you improve your game with XMR and, most importantly, have patience – you’ll see that this cryptocurrency will change your entire experience.